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Using RNA Seq to validate transcriptional profile data obtained by Nanostring analysis

Organism Icon Pseudomonas aeruginosa
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Purpose : The goal of this study was to use RNA Seq to validate transcriptional data of two clinical isolates focussing on a subset of 74 transcript that were selected specifically for Nanostring analysis. Methods : mRNA profiles were generated for the clinical isolates FRD1 and CI224_M, in duplicate, by deep sequencing. Strains were grown for 8 hours in LB medium at 37C prior to RNA harvest. Ribosomal RNA was removed using the Ribi-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Epicentre). mRNA reads were trimmed and mapped to the PAO1 NC_002516 reference genome from NCBI using the ClC Genomics Workbench platform and defaut parameters. Overall design: mRNA profiles of liquid cultures grown for 8 hours in LB at 37C were generated for P. aeruginosa clinical isolates FRD1 and CI224_M, each in duplicate, by deep sequencing using Illumina NextSeq.
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