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Dysregulated immune system networks in war veterans with PTSD

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Purpose: RNA-Seq analysis can help identify large set of differentially expressed genes at a time. We performed RNA-Seq analysis to identify differentially expressed genes in the PBMCs of war veterans suffering from PTSD. Methods: Total RNA from PBMCs from PTSD +ve and -ve individuals were used for RNA-Seq analysis. Results: We obtained, on average, ~60 millions reads per sample. More than 70% of the reads were mapped to human genome. Functional analysis of the differentially expressed genes (362) revealed dysregulation in immune system network. Conclusions: Our present study provides further proof that immune system related genes and pathways are dysregulated in PTSD PBMCs. Overall design: RNA-Seq was performed with RNA from 5 each control and PTSD individuals. PBMCs collected within one hour of blood draw were used for RNA isolation. 1 ug of total RNA was used for library synthesis and sequenced in a HighSeq 2000 illumina instrument at Tufts University.
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