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RNA-seq analysis of hsf-1 mutant in C. elegans larval development

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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To understand the function and regulation of the C. elegans heat shock factor (HSF-1) in larval development, we have used ChIP-seq to analyze the occupancy of HSF1 and RNA Pol II in L2 larvae and young adult (YA) animals grown at 20°C or upon heat shock at 34°C for 30 min. In addition, we have used RNA-seq to analyze the transcriptomes of wild type (N2), hsf-1(ok600) mutants and hsf-1(ok600); rmSi1[hsf-1::gfp] L2 larvae grown at 20°C and characterized the gene expression change by heat shock in wild type (N2) animals at L2 stage. Overall design: Experiment type: RNA-seq. Biological Source: strain: N2, OG576, AM1061; developmental dtage: L2 Larva. Experimental Factors: temperature: 20 degree celsius.
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