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The regulatory network of OsNAC6 targets drought-related genes orchestrating rice drought tolerance (RNA-Seq)

Organism Icon Oryza sativa
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OsNAC6 is a stress responsive NAC transcription factor in rice known as a regulator for the transcriptional networks of the drought tolerance mechanisms. However, little is known about the associated molecular mechanisms for drought tolerance. Here, we identified OsNAC6-mediated root structural adaptation such as increased root number and root diameter that was sufficient to confer drought tolerance. Multiyear (5 years) drought field tests clearly demonstrated that OsNAC6 overexpression in roots produced higher grain yield under drought conditions. Genome-wide analyses revealed that OsNAC6 directly up-regulated 13 genes. Taken together, OsNAC6 is a valuable candidate for genetic engineering of drought-tolerant high-yielding crops. Overall design: RNA-seq using roots of NT and OsNAC6 transgenic plants
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