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RNA-seq analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombosis

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Portal vein tumor thrombosis is a strong poor indication of HCC. Characterizing the molecular alterations of these metastatic HCCs is important for understanding the molecular mechanisms during HCC progression and metastasis. Previous genomic studies mainly focus on single molecular layer, such as gene expressions or exonic mutations. In this study, we systematically examined the copy number variation (CNV), DNA methylation, miRNA and transcriptome of matched adjacent normal tissues, primary tumors and PVTTs from 19 HCC patients. Based on the integrative multi-omics profiles, we established the molecular landscape of the metastatic HCCs and identified a set of the recurrent genomic alterations and candidate driver genes. Overall design: RNA-seq of matched adjacent normal, primary tumor and PVTT samples from HCC patients
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