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RIPR: Brassica napus transcriptome

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The aim of RIPR (Renewable Industrial Products from Rapeseed Project) is to exploit Associative Transcriptomics to identify genes associated with the control of a range of bio-refining targets and fertilizer use traits. Besides, it aims to determine and make available functional genotypes for Brassica diversity collections. This batch focuses on lines of the ASSYST Brassica napus diversity panel. The study involved the elucidation of the genetic component controlling the quantitative variation observed for selected bio-refining traits of rapeseed (tocopherol, phytosterol, waxes and functional polysaccharides) and indicators of nutrient use efficiency, along with the development and validation of molecular markers for the traits and improved germplasm.For that, quantitative analysis of content of seeds or leaves for a set of metabolites and minerals will be analysed in combination with transcriptome data.
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