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Time course RNA-Seq of Innate Lymphoid Cells in Early Acute HIV Infection

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We apply RNA-seq to limited populations of Innate Lymphoid Cells type 2 and type 3 (ILC2s and ILC3s, respectively) in human individuals infected with acute HIV in the FRESH study. We measured the whole transcriptome of ILC2s and ILC3s in both untreated (n=2) and ART treated (n=2) individuals over the course of infection, in order to compare these populations at key points during infection, namely: viral detection, peak viremia, and weeks past peak viremia (6-7 weeks post detection). Lacking true biological replicates, HIV- patients in the same study (n=9) were used as replicates to conduct Differential Expression (DE) analysis between time points in both ILC2s and ILC3s on a patient by patient basis. In untreated patients, ILC2s and ILC3s differentially expressed genes associated with apoptosis and cell death between peak viremia and viral detection, while ART treated patients' ILC2s and ILC3s demonstrated a mitigated response. Comparing 6-7 weeks after detection with peak viremia revealed a relative decrease in genes associated in cell death in untreated patients, while ART treated patients showed varied responses where several DE genes were associated with immune response. Overall design: RNA-seq of two Innate Lymphoid Cell populations in 2 HIV+ untreated patients, 2 HIV+ ART treated patients, and 9 HIV- patients (control, replicates).
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