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RNA-seq analysis of the human fetal kidney.

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Micro-dissection and FACS were used to isolate tissue and cells, respectively, for RNA-seq analyses of the developing human kidney. Specifically, ITGA8 and ROR2 antibodies were used to isolate cells of the nephron progenitor lineage, and representative tissue samples of the outer cortex and whole kidney were collected, to obtain information on the transcripts expressed within these cell populations. These data will further our understanding of human kidney development. Overall design: Total RNA was obtained from micro-dissected and FACS isolated cells from 15-17 week human fetal kidneys. ITGA8 and ROR2 were used to enrich for nephron progenitors. Micro-dissected samples were representative of the outer cortex and whole kidney. Isolated RNA was subjected to high throughput sequencing analyses to identify expressed transcripts.
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