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miRNA-1343 attenuates pathways of fibrosis by targeting the TGF-beta receptors [RNA-seq]

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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miRNA-1343 is an uncharacterized miRNA predicted to target a number of genes involved in epithelial cell function including TGF-beta signaling, cell adhesion, and cell proliferation. We transiently overexpressed miRNA-1343 or a non-targeting control miRNA in A549 and 16HBE14o- human airway cell lines. As predicted, RNA-seq following miRNA-1343 overexpression showed significant downregulation of genes involved in these pathways. Furthermore, genes involved in cholesterol and lipid biosynthesis were found to be significantly upregulated by miRNA-1343 overexpression. Overall design: mRNA profiles from A549 and 16HBE14o- cells transiently transfected with miRNA-1343 or a negative control (NC) miRNA, in quintuplicate.
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