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Comprehensive Identification of Long Non-coding RNAs in Purified Cell Types from the Brain Reveals Functional LncRNA in OPC Fate Determination (RNA-Seq of differentiated NSC after lnc-OPC knockdown)

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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To quantitative analysis of transcriptome changes caused by lnc-OPC knockdown during OPC differentiation from NSC, lentivirus-based short hairpin RNAs were used to knockdown the lnc-OPC expression in a neural stem cell culture . Subsequently, puromycin-selected NSCs were differentiated to OPC in culture for three days.RNA-Seq was performed on the polyadenylated fraction of RNA isolated from cell samples. DEseq was used for differential gene expression analysis caused by lnc-OPC knockdown. GO functional term enrichment analysis of differential gene expression caused by lnc-OPC knockdown, revealed significant enrichment of 'oligodendrocyte development', 'oligodendrocyte differentiation', 'glia cell development', and 'axon ensheathment' terms that are associated with oligodendrogenesis. Overall design: mRNA profiles of differentiiated NSC samples after lnc-OPC knockdown by RNA-sequencing.
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