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Accession IconSRP063616

RNA-seq from animals treated with RNAi against prp-8, prp-6, and prp-31

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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Technology Badge IconIllumina HiSeq 2000

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Transcriptome analysis of a population of control animals and RNAi-treated to partially inactivate genes that are homologs to human genes causing Retinitis Pigmentosa. RNA-seq analyses were performed at L3 larval stage in wild type, and smg-1(r861) mutants that have a defective Non-mediated decay pathway. RNA-seq experiments were also performed in adults glp-4(bn2) mutants that lack of germline. Overall design: synchronized N2 and smg-1(r861) L1 larvae fed for 24 hours at 20 °C with the RNAi clones of prp-6, prp-8, prp-31 and gfp; and 5-day adult glp-4(bn2) worms grown at 25 °C and fed first, for 72 hours with OP50 and next, for 48 more hours with the RNAi clones of prp-8, prp-31 and gfp
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