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Effect of Asr1 RING mutation on the transcriptome of S. cerevisisae.

Organism Icon Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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This analysis identified 27 genes that are induced, and 29 that are repressed, by a factor of two or more in Asr1RING mutant cells. Genes in each category did not cluster according to gene ontology or chromosome, but we did notice that 33% of genes in the induced set lie within 50 kb of a telomere. In contrast, for repressed genes, only 7% were similarly telomere-proximal. The induction of subtelomeric gene expression in Asr1RING mutant cells suggests that the Ub-ligase activity of Asr1 may be required for authentic patterns of subtelomeric gene silencing. Overall design: Transcriptome of WT and Asr1 RING mutant cells grown at log phase in enriched media.
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