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Transcriptome analysis upon overexpression of SIN3 187HA in Drosophila cultured cells

Organism Icon Drosophila melanogaster
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SIN3 is a master transcriptional scaffold protein. SIN3 interacts with RPD3 and other accessory proteins to form a histone modifying complex. A single Sin3A gene encodes multiple isoforms of SIN3, of which SIN3 187 and SIN3 220 are the predominant isoforms. Previous studies demonstrated that SIN3 isoforms play non-redundant roles during fly development. In the current study, we sought to investigate the genes regulated by SIN3 187. Overall design: S2 cells and cells carrying a stable transgene of SIN3 187HA (SIN3 187HA cells) were treated with 0.07 µM CuSO4. CuSO4 treatment led to ectopic expression of SIN3 187HA. S2 cells were used as a control. Following induction, total mRNA was extracted. mRNA profiling of these samples were performed by deep sequencing using Illumina Hiseq2500. Three biological replicates were performed.
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