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Single cell transcriptomics analysis of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neurons reveals frequent dual layer identity

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Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cortical neurons present a powerful new model of neurological disease. Previous work has established that differentiation protocols produce cortical neurons but little has been done to characterise these at cellular resolution. In particular, it is unclear to what extent in vitro two-dimensional, relatively disordered culture conditions recapitulate the development of in vivo cortical layer identity. Single cell multiplex RT-qPCR was used to interrogate the expression of genes previously implicated in cortical layer or phenotypic identity in individual cells. Unexpectedly, 22.7% of neurons analysed frequently co-expressed canonical fetal deep and upper cortical layer markers, and this co-expression was also present at the level of translated protein. By comparing our results to available single cell RNA-seq data from human fetal and adult brain, we observed that this co-expression of layer markers was also seen in primary tissue. These results suggest that establishing neuronal layer identity in iPSC-derived or primary cortical neurons using canonical marker genes transcripts is unlikely to be informative. Overall design: Single cell RNA-seq of 16 iPSC-derived cortical neurons. This dataset was used for normalization purposes for GSE67835.
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