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Daytime soybean transcriptome fluctuations during water deficit stress

Organism Icon Glycine max
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By sequencing 36 cDNA libraries with Illumina technology, we identified genes differentially expressed in soybean plants in response to water deficit and genes that were either up- or down-regulated in different periods of the day. Of 54,175 predicted soybean genes (Glyma v1.1), 35.52% exhibited expression oscillations in a 24 h period. This number increased to 39.23% when plants were submitted to water deficit. Major differences in gene expression were observed in the control plants from late day (ZT16) until predawn (ZT20) periods, indicating that gene expression oscillates during the course of 24 h in normal development. Under water deficit, dissimilarity increased in all time-periods, indicating that the applied stress influenced gene expression. Results suggest that time of day, as well as light and temperature oscillations that occur considerably affect the regulation of water deficit stress response in soybean plants. Overall design: Gene expression analysis of soybean leaves under water deficit in 6 periods of day by sequencing 36 libraries, in triplicate, in Illumina platform.
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