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Maternal DNA methylation regulates early trophoblast development

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Critical roles for DNA methylation in embryonic development are well established, but less is known about the roles of DNA methylation during trophoblast development, the extraembryonic lineage that gives rise to the placenta. Here we dissected the role of DNA methylation in trophoblast development by performing mRNA and DNA methylation profiling of Dnmt3a/3b-null trophoblast. We find that most gene deregulation is explained by an erasure of maternal methylation in the oocyte, but partially independent of loss of imprinting of the trophoblast-essential Ascl2 gene. Our results reveal that maternal DNA methylation controls multiple differentiation and physiological processes in trophoblast via both imprinting-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Overall design: mRNA-seq and WGBS-seq of maternal Dnmt3a/3b-null trophoblast; mRNA-seq of maternal Ascl2 KO trophoblast
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