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Ribosome profiling and RNA sequencing of MCF10A-ER-Src and fibroblast cell transformation

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We applied ribosome profiling and RNA sequencing to examine gene expression regulation during oncogenic cell transformation. One model involves normal mammary epithelial cells (MCF10A) containing ER-Src. Treatment of such cells with tamoxifen rapidly induces Src, thereby making it possible to kinetically follow the transition between normal and transformed cells. The other model consists of three isogenic cell lines derived from primary fibroblasts in a serial manner (Hahn et al., 1999). EH cell is immortalized by overexpression of telomerase (hTERT), and exhibits normal fibroblast morphology. EL cell expresses hTERT along with both large and small T antigens of Simian virus 40, and it displays an altered morphology but is not transformed. ELR cell expresses hTERT, T antigens, and an oncogenic derivative of Ras (H-RasV12). Overall design: Ribosome profiling and RNA sequencing in two cancer cell models
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