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Single cell time course of macrophages exposed to Salmonella enterica subsp. typhimurium

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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We present a detailed single cell time course of the macrophage response to Salmonella infection. By combining phenotypic fluorescent labels with single cell expression analysis we are able to identify gene modules associated with bacterial exposure and bacterial infection. We also identify other genetic clusters that are expressed heterogenously, ananlyzing both their regulation and their impact on infection Overall design: Analysis of 192 single cells across 4 time points after Salmonella exposure (MOI 1:1) with one of three different fluorescent labels indicating whether a given cell contained no intracellular bacteria (non-fluorescent), contained dead intracellular bacteria (only pHrodo positive), or contained live intracellular bacteria (pHrodo and GFP positive)
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