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Rapamycin induces chromosome reorganization and increases cytokine production in normal human fibroblasts

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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We report the effects of Rapamycin treatment on the transcriptome of normal human dermal fibroblasts isolated from foreskin (designated 2DD). We sequenced mRNA from 2 replicates of proliferative (PRO) quiescent (QUI, serum starved) or treated with 500nM Rapamycin for 5 days (RAP). Comparative analyses with PRO transcripts a baseline indicate that genes that changed expression from Rapamycin treated fibroblasts are significantly different from those of quiescence cells. Rapamycin treated cells showed a significant enrichment for cytokines from the Il-6 cascade. Overall design: Examination of mRNAs from proliferative, quiescent (serum starvation) and Rapamycin (5oonM, 5days) treated 2DD normal human dermal/foreskin fibroblasts.
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