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Msi2 sustains the MLL leukemia stem cell regulatory program

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Leukemia stem cells (LSCs) are found in most aggressive myeloid diseases and contribute to therapeutic resistance. Genetic and epigenetic alterations cause a dysregulated developmental program in leukemia. The MSI2 RNA binding protein has been previously shown to predict poor survival in leukemia. We demonstrate that the conditional deletion of Msi2 results in delayed leukemogenesis, reduced disease burden and a loss of LSC function. Gene expression profiling of the Msi2 ablated LSCs demonstrates a loss of the HSC/LSC and an increase in the differentiation program. The gene signature from the Msi2 deleted LSCs correlates with survival in AML patients. MSI2’s maintains the MLL self-renewal program by interacting with and retaining efficient translation of Hoxa9, Myc and Ikzf2. We further demonstrate that shRNA depletion of the MLL target gene Ikzf2 also contributes to MLL leukemia cell survival. Our data provides evidence that MSI2 controls efficient translation of the oncogenic LSC self-renewal program and a rationale for clinically targeting MSI2 in myeloid leukemia. Overall design: RNA-Seq was performed on sorted c-Kit high leukemic cells from 2 Msi2 -/- and 2 Msi2 f/f mice.
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