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Single Cell Analysis Program-Transcriptomics (SCAP-T) (USC site)

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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This study aims to assess the technical and biological noise in measured RNA levels in single cells in a number of human tissue types, and to develop analytical tools to address the complexity observed at the single-cell level. Understanding the sources and relative sizes of technical and biological noise has become essential, as the lower detection limit of RNA-Seq is now in the range of 10 picograms of total RNA -- i.e. the amount of RNA in single cells. Technical noise can come from several different sources that we will attempt to evaluate separately. These include: 1) sample procurement and RNA retrieval, 2) sequencing library preparation, 3) sequencing methodology, 4) batch effects in sequencing experiments, 5) bioinformatics approaches for data analysis, 6) gene-gene variability. Assessing the relative magnitude of technical noise from different sources will inform how to reduce that noise in future experiments, and thereby reduce interference with... (for more see dbGaP study page.)
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