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Transcriptome analyses of dBRWD3 mutant, and dBRWD3, yem double mutant brain

Organism Icon Drosophila melanogaster
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We report the high-throughput profiling of brain RNA from three Drosophila stains: dBRWD3PX2/+, dBRWD3PX2/PX2 and dBRWD3PX2/PX2, yemGS21861/GS21861. By obtaining over 50 million reads of sequence, WE compared the transcriptomic differences among the brains from these three stains. We found that the expression of 871 genes was significantly different between heterozygous control and homozygous dBRWD3 mutant brains (484 upregulated genes, 387 downregulated genes, p<0.05). Gene ontology (GO) analysis of the 871 genes revealed a broad spectrum of biological processes, ranging from synaptic activity to housekeeping metabolism subjective to dBRWD3 regulation. Among the 387 downregulated genes, the expression of 360 genes (92.8%) was increased in the dBRWD3, yem double mutant brains compared with dBRWD3 mutant. Among the 484 upregulated genes, the expression of 412 genes (85.1%) was decreased in the double mutant brains. These differential genes were evenly distributed on X chromosome and autosomes (149 on X, 178 on 2L, 154 on 2R, 166 on 3L, and 207 on 3R). These analyses indicate that dBRWD3 regulates gene expression in the brain mainly through the HIRA/YEM complex. Overall design: Examination of brain transcriptome in 3 Drosophila strains.
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