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Ets homologous factor regulates pathways controlling response to injury in Calu-3 airway epithelial cells [RNA-seq]

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Ets homologous factor (EHF) is an Ets family transcription factor expressed in many epithelial cell types including those lining the respiratory system. Disruption of the airway epithelium is central to many lung diseases, and a network of transcription factors coordinates its normal function. EHF can act as a transcriptional activator or a repressor, though its targets in lung epithelial cells are largely uncharacterized. RNA-seq after EHF depletion or overexpression showed significant alterations in the expression of genes involved in response to wounding. EHF knockdown also targeted genes in pathways of epithelial development and differentiation and locomotory behavior. Overall design: mRNA profiles from Calu-3 cells treated with negative control (NC) or EHF siRNA, in quintuplicate. mRNA profiles from 3 pcDNA (empty vector control) clones and 3 pcDNA-EHF overexpression A549 clones, 3-4 replicates each.
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