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Zea mays cultivar:Mo17 Transcriptome or Gene expression

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Bipolaris zeicola is a fungal pathogen that causes Northern corn leaf spot (NCLS), which is a serious foliar disease in maize and one of the most significant pathogens affecting global food security. Here, we report genome wide transcriptional profile analysis of maize leaf development inoculation with B.zeicola using next generation sequencing (NGS). We performed High-Throughput Digital Gene Expression analysis identify differential gene expression in resistant inbred lines Mo17 infection with B.zeicola, compared with CK (mock-treat). Deep sequencing was subsequently used to compare the digital gene expression (DGE) profiles of the healthy plants with the infected plants at four successive disease development stages, including CP (Contact period), PP (penetration period), IP (incubation period), PP (disease period). Of which, 466 differentially expressed genes were identified in all these libraries, KEGG pathway analysis of these genes suggested that involved in many biological processes of systemic symptom development, such as Plant hormone signal transduction, Starch and sucrose metabolism, Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis, and Photosynthesis. Our systematic analysis provides comprehensive transcriptomic information regarding systemic symptom development in fungal-infected plants. This information will help further our understanding of the detailed mechanisms of plant responses to fungal infection.
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