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RNA-seq analysis of Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Negro jamapa

Organism Icon Phaseolus vulgaris
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We present the Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Negro jamapa expression profiles for all predicted genes in the P. vulgaris reference genome (G 19833) for 24 unique samples from seven distinct tissues; roots, nodules, stems, flowers, leaves, pods, and seeds throughout development. We identified genes differentially expressed between distinct tissues and between samples from the same tissue collected at different time points. We have also identified sequences uniquely expressed in each sample and in each tissue. Genes with stable expression patterns, to be used as housekeeping sequences in future experiments, were also identified. We utilized the expression profiles of all predicted genes in Phaseolus vulgaris to examine the biological processes related to seed and pod development, nodulation and symbiosis, and changes in gene expression due to nitrogen availability.
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