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Deficiency in glucose transporter 12 results in heart failure and a diabetic phenotype in zebrafish

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Cardiomyopathies-associated metabolic pathologies (e.g. T2D and insulin resistance) are a leading cause of mortality. It is known that the association between the pathologies works in both directions, where heart failure can lead to metabolic derangements such as insulin resistance. This intricate crosstalk exemplifies the importance of a fine coordination between one of the most energy demanding organs and an equilibrated carbohydrate metabolism. In this light, to assist in the understanding of the role of insulin regulated glucose transporters and the development of cardiomyopathies, we set out to study GLUT12. GLUT12 is a novel insulin regulated GLUT expressed in the main insulin sensitive tissues such as cardiac and skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. This study investigates the role of GLUT12 in heart failure and diabetes by developing a model for glut12 deficiency in zebrafish. Overall design: 6 samples in total were analyzed. 3 replicates from control samples (injected with contol MO) and 3 replicates from glut12 morphant samples (injected with glut12 splice MO). In each sample 10 embryos were pooled.
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