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Mus musculus strain:a C57BL/6;129/SvEv mixed background Transcriptome or Gene expression

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To investigate the molecular mechanism which caused the defect of aberrant somatic cell differentiation in Wt1-deficient gonads, the differentially expressed genes between control and Wt1-deficient gonads at E11.5 was analyzed by RNA Seq analysis.After tamoxifen injection at E9.5, total RNA was prepared from control and Wt1-deficient gonads at E11.5 using RNeasy Minikit (Ambion, Austin, TX). Gonads of the same genotype (about 12 pairs each) were pooled together. For RNA-Seq, the main reagents and instruments used for RNA library construction and deep sequencing were the Illumina Gene Expression Sample Prep Kit, Solexa Sequencing Chip (flowcell), Illumina Cluster Station and Illumina HiSeq 2000 System. Sequence tags were prepared using the Illumina Digital Gene Expression Tag Profiling Kit, according to the manufacturer's protocol. Raw data was filtered to remove adaptor tags, low quality tags, and tags with a single copy number. Paired-end reads were mapped to the mouse genome (mm9) with TopHat and further analyzed by Cufflinks-Cuffdiff (Trapnell et al., 2009; Trapnell et al., 2010) pipelines to identify differentially expressed transcripts (DETs) between control and Wt1-deficient gonads.
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