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Human cortical transcriptome informs brain imaging

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We carried out RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) of adult human postmortem neocortical brain tissue, and then correlated those expression values with the fMRI signal in each brain region Overall design: Ten cortical regions were included in the analysis: pre-motor cortex - PMV (BA6), dorsolateral prefrontal cortex – DLPFC (BA9), middle temporal gyrus – pMTG (BA21), superior temporal gyrus – pSTG (BA22), angular gyrus - AG (BA39), supramarginal gyrus - SMG (BA40), pars opercularis - POP (BA44), pars triangularis - PTr (BA45), middle frontal gyrus – MFG (BA46) and pars orbitalis - POrB (BA47). For each brain region, three or more samples from left adult brain hemispheres were collected (ages range from 33 to 49) and only males were included to avoid the effect of sex
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