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Genome-wide expression profiles in young and old mouse liver [RNA-seq]

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Aging is accompanied by physiological impairments, which, in insulin-responsive tissues, including the liver, predispose individuals to metabolic disease. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying these changes remain largely unknown. Here, we analyze genome-wide profiles of RNA and chromatin organization in the liver of young (3 months) and old (21 months) mice. Transcriptional changes suggest that de-repression of the nuclear receptors PPARa, PPAR?, and LXRa in aged mouse liver leads to activation of targets regulating lipid synthesis and storage, whereas age-dependent changes in nucleosome occupancy are associated with binding sites for both known regulators (forkhead factors and nuclear receptors) and for novel candidates associated with nuclear lamina (Hdac3 and Srf) implicated to govern metabolic function of aging liver. Winged-helix factor Foxa2 and nuclear receptor co-repressor Hdac3 exhibit reciprocal binding pattern at PPARa targets contributing to gene expression changes that lead to steatosis in aged liver. Overall design: Genome-wide expression profiles (RNA-Seq) from young (3 months) and old (21 months) mouse livers
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