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miRNome of endometriotic lesion

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miRNA high-throughput sequencing was used to investigate endometriosis lesion-specific miRNA expression profiles by comparing a set of paired samples of peritoneal endometriotic lesions and matched healthy surrounding tissue together with eutopic endometrium of the same patients. We found that miRNAs of surrounding peritoneal tissue mask most of the miRNA expression differences that could originate from endometriotic tissue and thus only miRNAs with significantly different levels in the endometriotic lesions compared to peritoneal tissue were detected. According to the results of this study, two miRNAs – miR-34c and miR-449a showed remarkably higher expression in lesions compared to healthy tissue. Overall design: Eleven tissue samples (two endometria, five peritoneal lesions and four matched adjacent normal-appearing tissues) were analysed from two patients with a histologically confirmed diagnosis of moderate-severe endometriosis (III-IV stage)
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