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Genome-wide mapping of miRNAs expressed in embryonic stem cells and pluripotent stem cells generated by different reprogramming strategies

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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We report the miRNA profiling in MEF cells, ES cells and three Pluripotent Stem Cells obtained by three different reprogramming approaches from MEF cells based on Solexa sequencing. iPS cells are reprogrammed by four factors (OSKM) from MEF cells. NT-ESCs were established by reprogramming MEF cells into ESCs using nuclear transfer. NT-iPSCs were established to reflect the combination of nuclear transfer and iPS technologies. iPSCs, NT-ESCs, and NT-iPSCs were exactly derived from the same MEF cells. The results indicate NT-ESCs give expression to the unique miRNAs other than both ESCs and iPSCs while pluripotent cells acquire or retain the pluripotent specific miRNAs compared with MEF. Furthermore, the comparison of different reprogramming cells suggests that several miRNAs have key roles in distinctly developmental potential reprogrammine cells. Overall design: Small RNA profiles of MEF, ES, iPS, NT-ES and NT-iPS cells were generated by Solexa sequencing. MEF and ES cells were performed in triplicate. iPS, NT-ES and NT-iPS cells were sequenced in duplicate.
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