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Whole transcriptomic sequencing of zebrafish rx3 mutants during optic vesicle morphogenesis

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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To identify genes regulated by Rx3 during optic vesicle morphogenesis, adult zebrafish carriers of a null rx3 mutation were mated. Before 13 hours post fertilization (hpf), the earliest time point at which optic vesicle evagination phenotypes could be reliably detected, offspring were phenotypically separated into pools comprising of mutants with an absence of optic vesicles or siblings exhibiting a wild-type phenotype. Three replicates of pooled RNA samples from 13 hpf eyeless mutants (rx3-/-) or phenotypically wild-type siblings (rx3+/+ or rx3+/-), and one replicate of 13 hpf wild-type zebrafish larva were collected for whole transcriptome sequencing. Overall design: Whole transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) was performed on zebrafish rx3-/- mutants, wild-type siblings and wild-type AB strains at 13 hpf
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