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Endogenous miRNA targets identified by sequencing of the Soybean degradome

Organism Icon Glycine max
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To identify more targets in soybean, particularly specific targets of Cd-stress-responsive miRNAs, high-throughput degradome sequencing was used. In total, we obtained 8913111 raw reads from the library which was constructed from a mixture of four samples (HX3-CK, HX3-Cd-treatment, ZH24-CK and ZH24-Cd-treatment). After removing the reads without the CAGAG adaptor, 5430126 unique raw-reads were obtained. The unique sequences were aligned to the G. max genome database, and 6516276 reads were mapped to the genome. The mapped reads from the libraries represented 51481 annotated G. max genes. Overall design: Identification of miRNA targerts in soybean roots
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