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Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression

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In this study, we sequenced four small RNA libraries derived from mature pollens, in vitro germinated pollens, mature silks and pollinated silks of maize, respectively. In total, 161 known miRNAs belonging to 27 families and 82 novel miRNAs were identified. Of them, miRNAs involved in pollen-silk (pistil) interactions were analyzed. On the male side, miRNA differentially expressed between mature and germinated pollen were identified, some of them participate in pollen germination and tube growth. On the female side, silk-expressed miRNAs respond to pollination were also responsive to stresses, especially drought and fungal invasion. Furthermore, GO analysis of target genes revealed that members related to anxin signal transduction and gene expressional regulation were overrepresented.The results indicated that during pollen-silk interactions, miRNAs-mediated auxin signal transduction plays important roles, and miRNAs took part in complex transcriptional regulating network. Overall design: Examination of 4 different tissues of maize to provide novel information for understanding the post-transcriptional regulations of pollen-pistil interactions
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