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Specific miRNA Stabilization by Gld2-catalyzed Monoadenylation

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miRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that inhibit translation and promote mRNA decay. The levels of mature miRNAs are the result of different rates of transcription, processing, and turnover. The non-canonical polymerase Gld2 has been implicated in the stabilization of miR-122 possibly by catalyzing 3’ monoadenylation, however, there is little evidence that this relationship is one of cause and effect. Here, we biochemically characterize Gld2 involvement in miRNA monoadenylation and its effect on miRNA stability. We find that Gld2 directly monoadenylates and stabilizes specific miRNA populations in human fibroblasts and that sensitivity to monoadenylation-induced stability depends on nucleotides in the miRNA 3‘ end. These results establish a novel mechanism of miRNA stability and resulting post-transcriptional gene regulation. Overall design: Sequencing of miRNAs to assess amount and 3'' end monoadenylation state upon Gld2 knock-down.
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