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Transcriptomic analysis of zebrafish during development and homeostasis

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Sequencing libraries were generated from total RNA samples following the mRNAseq protocol for the generation of single end (16-36 hpf, 5 day larvae, adult head and adult tail) or paired end (24 hpf) libraries (Illumina). Single end reads of 36 nucleotides and paired end reads (2 x 76 nucleotides) were obtained with a GAIIx (Illumina). Gene expression at the different stages/tissu was assessed by cufflinks and HTseq. Overall design: RNAseq on 5 differents samples: 24hpf embryos, pool of 16 hour to 36 hour embryos, 5 days old larvea, adult head and adult tail
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