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Small-RNAs in L4 and young adult stages

Organism Icon Caenorhabditis elegans
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Small endogenous C. elegans RNAs from L4 and young adult worms were prepared for sequencing using a protocol derived from Batista et al., (2008) and Lau et al. (2001). The small-RNA libraries were constructed using a method that does not require a 5' monophosphate (called 5' monophosphate-independent method, Ambros et al., 2003) to profile secondary siRNAs that have 5' triphosphorylated G. All preprocessed small-RNA reads were mapped to genome (ce6), allowing no mismatches. After excluding miRNAs, 21U RNAs, rRNAs, and other structural ncRNAs, the remaining reads were classified as 22G RNAs, 26G RNAs, and other siRNAs, based on their length and 5' terminal nucleotide. Overall design: Small-RNA libraries were sequenced in L4 and young adult stages in C.elegans.
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