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Personal Omics Profiling Reveals Dynamic Molecular Phenotypes and Actionable Medical Risks

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We have determined the whole genome sequence of an individual at high accuracy and performed an integrated analysis of omics profiles over a 1.5 year period that included healthy and two virally infected states. Omics profiling of transcriptomes, proteomes, cytokines, metabolomes and autoantibodyomes from blood components have revealed extensive, dynamic and broad changes in diverse molecular components and biological pathways that occurred during healthy and disease states. Many changes were associated with allele- and edit-specific expression at the RNA and protein levels, which may contribute to personalized responses. Importantly, genomic information was also used to predict medical risks, including Type II Diabetes (T2D), whose onset was observed during the course of our study using standard clinical tests and molecular profiles, and whose disease progression was monitored and subsequently partially managed. Our study demonstrates that longitudinal personal omics profiling can relate genomic information to global functional omics activity for physiological and medical interpretation of healthy and disease states. Overall design: Examination of blood component in 20 different time points over 1.5 years which includes 2 disease state and 18 healty state Related exome studies at: SRX083314 SRX083313 SRX083312 SRX083311
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