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RNA-seq experiments in human neural crest cells (hNCC)

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Combining an in vitro hNCC differentiation protocol with epigenomic profiling, we provide the first whole-genome characterization of cis-regulatory elements in this highly relevant cell type. With this data at hand, we have characterized the chromatin state and dynamics of all human gene promoters during the course of NCC in vitro differentiation. Most importantly, we have identified a large cohort of active and NCC-specific enhancers, which we showed to be functionally relevant in vivo, in the context of embryonic development. Finally, through sequence analysis of the identified NCC enhancers, we uncovered the orphan nuclear receptors NR2F1 and NR2F2 as novel hNCC transcriptional regulators both in vitro and in vivo. Overall design: RNA-seq experiments in human neural crest cells (hNCC)
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