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Traf6 function in the innate immune response of zebrafish embryos

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Transcriptional profiling of the zebrafish embryonic host response to a systemic bacterial infection with Salmonella typhimurium (strain SL1027); comparison between traf6 knock-down and control morpholino treated embryos. Overall design: All infection experiments were performed using mixed egg clutches of ABxTL strain zebrafish. Embryos injected with traf6 morpholino or a 5bp mismatch control morpholino were staged at 27 hours post fertilization (hpf) by morphological criteria and approximately 250 cfu of DsRed expressing Salmonella bacteria were injected into the caudal vein close to the urogenital opening. As a control an equal volume of PBS was likewise injected. Pools of 20-40 infected and control embryos were collected 8 hours post infection (hpi). The whole procedure was preformed in triplicate on separate days. Total RNA of the biological triplicates was pooled using equal amounts of RNA prior to RNAseq library preparation.
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