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Accession IconGSE8327

Zebrafish response to Mycobacterium marinum infection (Affymetrix series)

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Zebrafish Genome Array (zebrafish)

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Mycobacteria infect macrophages that aggregate with additional macrophages and lymphocytes to form granulomas. We have used a functional genomics approach to identify immune response genes expressed during granuloma formation in Mycobacterium marinum-infected transparent zebrafish larvae where individual infection steps can be viewed in real time. We assessed RNA expression profiles from zebrafish larvae that were either infected with Mycobacterium marinum, mock-infected, or uninfected. Zebrafish infections were performed at 1 day post-fertilization (dpf), and samples were derived from pools of 6dpf zebrafish larvae.
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