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Accession IconGSE83136

Long recovery after heat shock

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array (ath1121501)

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Abiotic stress is a major factor for crop productivity, a problem likely to be exacerbated by climate change. Improving the tolerance to environmental stress is one of the most important goals of crop breeding programmes. While the early responses to abiotic stress in plants are well studied, plant adaptation to enduring or recurring stress conditions has received little attention. This project investigates the molecular mechanism of the maintenance of acquired thermotolerance as a model case of stress memory in Arabidopsis. Arabidopsis seedlings acquire thermotolerance through a heat treatment at sublethal temperatures. To investigate the underlying mechanisms, we are investigating changes in the transcriptome at two timepoints after a heat acclimation treatment using Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings.
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