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Expression data for Lck-Cre, Med23flox/flox and Med23flox/flox;Lck-Cre thymocytes +/- 3hr exposure to plate bound anti-CD3 antibody

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Murine Genome U74A Version 2 Array (mgu74av2)

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MED23, a subunit of the Mediator coactivator complex, is important for the expression of a subset of MAPK/ERK pathway-dependent target genes; however, the genes in this subset varies between cell types. MAPK/ERK pathway-dependent processes are essential for T-cell development and function, but whether MED23 has a role in this context is unknown. We generated Med23 conditional knockout mice and induced Med23 deletion in early T cell development using the lineage specific Lck-Cre transgene. While the total cell number and distribution of cell populations in the thymuses of Med23flox/flox;Lck-Cre mice were essentially normal, MED23 null T-cells failed to efficiently populate the peripheral lymphoid organs. MED23 null thymocytes displayed decreased expression of the MAPK/ERK-responsive genes Egr1, Egr2, as well as of the membrane glycoprotein Cd52 (CAMPATH-1). MED23 null CD4 single-positive thymocytes also showed decreased expression of KLF2 (LKLF), a T cell master regulatory transcription factor. Indeed, similarities between the phenotypes of mice lacking MED23 or KLF2 in T-cells suggest that KLF2 deficiency in MED23 null T-cells is one of their key defects. Mechanistic experiments using MED23 null MEFs further suggest that MED23 is required for full activity of the MAPK-responsive transcription factor MEF2, which has previously been shown to mediate Klf2 expression. In summary, our data indicate that MED23 has critical roles in enabling T-cells to populate the peripheral lymphoid organs, possibly by potentiating MEF2-dependent expression of the T-cell transcription factor KLF2.
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