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IL-2R- and CD103-dependent genes in regulatory T cells in the gut mucosa

Organism Icon Mus musculus
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Mouse Gene 2.0 ST Array (mogene20st)

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This study determined the genes that are differentially expressed when regulatory T cells (Tregs) were isolated from the lamina propria of the small and large intestine from mice with impaired IL-2R signaling (designated Y3) or impaired IL-2R signaling and lack of CD103 expression (designated Y3/CD103-/-) when compared to Tregs from WT mice. 204 unique annotated mRNAs were differentially expressed by 1.5 fold between these 3 groups (Fig. 6B). Very few mRNAs were uniquely up or down regulated in relationship to impaired IL-2R signaling or the combination of impaired IL-2R signaling and lack of CD103 expression. Thus, lack of CD103 does not obviously regulated signaling in Tregs in the gut mucosa and most differentially expressed genes were due to impaired IL_2R signaling. Gene enrichment analysis of these differentially expressed genes identified 4 major enrichment groups (EG) are: EG1, Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction and the JAK-STAT signaling pathway; EG2, regulation of lymphocyte activation and proliferation; EG3, regulation of cell death and the caspase pathway in apoptosis; and EG4, transcription.
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