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Gene-expression profiles of ovarian cancer regarding its microenvironment

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PD-L1 suppresses host immunity and promotes tumor growth. We investigated how IFN- regulates PD-L1 in the ovarian cancer microenvironment. In clinical samples, the number of stromal CTLs in peritoneally disseminated tumors was correlated with PD-L1 expression on the tumor cells, and the lymphocyte number was significantly related to the IFN- signature score. In mouse models, PD-L1 was induced in peritoneal disseminated tumors, where lymphocytes were prominent, but not in subcutaneous tumors. Depleting IFNGR1 resulted in lower PD-L1 expression and longer survival in peritoneal dissemination model. Injection of IFN- into subcutaneous tumors increased PD-L1 expression and tumor size, and PD-L1 depletion abrogated tumor growth. These data suggest that IFN- works as a tumor progressor through PD-L1 induction. The source of IFN- in ovarian cancer microenvironment and its biological effect to the tumor cells is unclear. The immortalized human ovarian surface epithelial cell line, HOSE-E7/hTERT (HOSE) was treated with IFN- and expression microarray analysis was performed, and probes showing significantly higher values in IFN--added group were termed IFN- signature genes (295 probes). We then applied this signature to our ovarian cancer microarray data, which included 75 ovarian cancer clinical samples, by means of ss-GSEA. IFN- signature score was strongly correlated to the number of infiltrating CD4-positive or CD8-positive lymphocytes in the tumors. These data suggest that the IFN- in the ovarian cancer microenvironment is derived from lymphocytes, and an IFN--rich microenvironment is strongly correlated to a lymphocyte-rich microenvironment.
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