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Organism Icon Mus musculus
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In skeletal muscle, the pattern of electrical activity regulates the expression of proteins involved in synaptic transmission, contraction and metabolism. Disruptions in electrical activity, resulting from prolonged bed-rest, cast-immobilization or trauma, inevitably lead to muscle atrophy. The mechanisms that regulate muscle atrophy are poorly understood, but it seems likely that changes in gene expression play a key role in initiating and maintaining a muscle atrophy program. Previously, we found that Runx1, a transcription factor previously termed AML1, was substantially induced in muscle following denervation. More recently, we sought to determine whether this increase in Runx1 expression may be causally related to the morphological changes in skeletal muscle that accompany muscle disuse, notably muscle atrophy. We found that Runx1 is indeed required to sustain muscle and to minimize atrophy following denervation. Experiments described here are designed to identify the genes that are regulated by Runx1 in skeletal muscle with the particular goal of identifying genes that regulate muscle atrophy.
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