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Comparison of two sets of microarray experiments to define allergic asthma expression pattern

Organism Icon Homo sapiens
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Allergic asthma is a complex trait. Several approaches have been used to identify biomarkers involved in this disease. This study aimed at demonstrating the relevance and validity of microarrays in the definition of allergic asthma expression pattern. The authors compared the transcript expressions of bronchial biopsy of 2 different microarray experiments done 2 years apart, both including nonallergic healthy and allergic asthmatic subjects (n = 4 in each experiment). U95Av2 and U133A GeneChips detected respectively 89 and 40 differentially expressed genes. Fifty-five percent of the U133A genes were previously identified with the U95Av2 arrays. The immune signaling molecules and the proteolytic enzymes were the most preserved categories between the 2 experiments, because 3/4 of the genes identified by the U133A were also significant in the U95Av2 study for both categories. These results demonstrate the relevance of microarray experiments using bronchial tissues in allergic asthma. The comparison of these GeneChip studies suggests that earlier microarray results are as relevant as actual ones to target new genes of interest, particularly in function categories linked to the studied disease. Moreover, it demonstrates that microarrays are a valuable technology to target novel allergic asthma pathways as well as biomarkers.
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