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Cyclin-dependent protein kinase E;1 (CDKE;1) is an essential component for mitochondrial retrograde signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana

Organism Icon Arabidopsis thaliana
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array (ath1121501)

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Stresses that target mitochondrial function lead to altered transcriptional responses for 100-1000s of genes genome wide, and are signalled via retrograde signalling pathways within the cell. rao1 mutants contain a mutation in a gene encoding a Cyclin-Dependant Kinase E;1 and cannot induce stress responsive genes (such as the mitochondrial alternative oxidase 1a) in response to mitochondrial dysfunction. We sought to define the global gene network regulated through RAO1 function in response to mitochondrial stress (mimicked through treatment of plants with antimycin A - a specific inhibitor of complex III in the mitochondrial electron transfer chain). We have defined global stress responses that are positively and negatively mediated by RAO1 function, as well as global stress responses to antimycin A treatment that are regulated independently of RAO1.
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