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Cross-species transcriptional networks in Diabetic Glomerulopathy in mouse and man

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Murine models have been valuable instruments in defining the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy (DN), but they only partially recapitulate disease manifestations of human DN, limiting their utility . In order to define the molecular similarities and differences between human and murine DN, we performed a cross-species comparison of glomerular transcriptional networks. Glomerular gene expression was profiled in patients with early type 2 DN and in three mouse models (streptozotocin DBA/2 mice, db/db C57BLKS, and eNOS-deficient C57BLKS db/db mice). Species-specific transcriptional networks were generated and compared with a novel network-matching algorithm. Three shared, human-mouse cross-species glomerular transcriptional networks containing 143 (Human-STZ), 97 (Human- db/db), and 162 (Human- eNOS-/- db/db) gene nodes were generated. Shared nodes across all networks reflected established pathogenic mechanisms of diabetic complications, such as elements of JAK-STAT and VEGFR signaling pathways . In addition, novel pathways not formally associated with DN and cross-species gene nodes and pathways unique to each of the human-mouse networks were discovered. The human-mouse shared glomerular transcriptional networks will assist DN researchers in the selection of mouse models most relevant to the human disease process of interest. Moreover, they will allow identification of new pathways shared between mice and humans.
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