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Sex- and gonad-biased gene expression in zebrafish

Organism Icon Danio rerio
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Technology Badge Icon Affymetrix Zebrafish Genome Array (zebrafish)

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A microarray study of sex- and gonad-biased gene expression was conducted to determine whether zebrafish demonstrate male-specific patterns consistent with those observed in other animals. We identified a large number of genes (5899) demonstrating statistical differences in transcript abundance between male and female Danio rerio. All sex-biases in gene expression were due to differences between testis and ovary, although differences between male and female body likely went undetected due to constraints imposed by study design and statistical criteria. Male-enriched genes were more abundant than female-enriched genes, and the magnitude of expression bias for male-enriched genes was greater than that for female-enriched genes. We also identified a large number of candidate reproductive genes based on elevated transcript abundance in testes and ovaries, relative to male body and female body, respectively. Gene expression patterns in adult zebrafish from this study are consistent with the male-biased patterns typical of most animal taxa studied to date. Recent zebrafish studies designed to address more specific questions have not reported the same findings, but major methodological and analytical differences across these studies could explain discrepancies.
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